The distribution of the DRS Tools and Instruments is now being managed by KBMetrics.

DRS instruments are available for academic research use for a simple fee of $37 for a one-year license. Standard (per-use cost) and Enterprise (global fee) license agreements are also available.  Please click here for more information.

The following tools and interpretive instruments are included in the package you will receive:

  1. DRS15v3.2.pdf
  2. DRS15v3.2-key.pdf
  3. DRS15v3.2-score.pdf
  4. DRS15v3.2-auto-score.pdf
  5. DRS15v3.2profile-adults.pdf
  6. DRS15v3.2-hardiness-score-interpretation.pdf
  7. DRS15v3.2-Norms.pdf

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Instrument descriptions:

1. DRS15v3.2: This is the most recent and up-to-date version of the 15-item Dispositional Resilience Scale currently available. It incorporates several improvements made as a result of Fulbright research conducted by Dr. Bartone in Norway, 2006-07. The DRS15(v.3) is better balanced for positive and negative items, and more culture-free than earlier versions. Several items and phrases identified as idiomatic in nature and difficult to translate accurately from the English have been modified or replaced. There are five items each to measure the hardiness facets of Commitment, Control, and Challenge. Six items are negatively-keyed, which makes this scale quite well-balanced for negative and positive items.  The DRS15v3.2 is resistant to acquiescence and social desirability response bias.

2. DRS15v3.2-key: This document provides the scoring key and instructions for the DRS15.

3. DRS15v3.2-score.pdf:  A new form of the DRS15 designed for easy hand scoring.

4. DRS15v3.2-auto-score.pdf:  A new, fillable pdf form that automatically  calculates hardiness facet and total scores. Scores are revealed only when the completed form is sent to print, or print view. NOTE: All 15 items must be answered in order for the auto-scoring to be accurate.
5. DRS15v3.2-profile-adults: A one-page profile form for adults.  Individual raw test scores can be plotted on this form for easy conversion to T-scores.

6. DRS15v3.2-hardiness-score-interpretation.pdf:  A one-page sheet that provides a general explanation of how to interpret total hardiness scores within five scoring bands, Very High to Very Low, based on the adult normative samples for both men and women.

7. DRS15v3.2-Norms: Contains norms and additional info for the DRS-15, including:

  • Adult normative data, broken down by sex and also for the three facets of Commitment, Control and Challenge.  These are based upon a large sample of over 7,000 male and female adults (age 20 – 60 years) who completed the DRS15 in Norway in 2007.  Includes raw scores, T-Scores, and percentiles.
  • College normative reference data for the DRS15, based upon a large USA sample (N~5,000) of male and female college students, and separately for a sample of Norwegian undergraduate students.  Using these charts, raw scores on the DRS15(R) can be easily converted to percentiles. Scores are presented for the total group, and also broken down by sex.
  • Additional college normative reference data for the DRS-15, based upon a large sample (N~6,000) of USA college students. Includes raw scores, T-scores and percentiles for commitment, control, challenge, and total hardiness.
  • A profile scoring sheet for use with adult samples.  This allows for easy conversion of hardiness raw scores to T-scores, and gives a quick indication of how high or low an individual is in total hardiness relative to the adult normative group.
  • Interpretive scoring guide –  provides a general explanation of how to interpret total hardiness scores within five scoring bands: 39+ (Very High), 34-38 (High), 28-33 (Average), 22-27 (Low), and 22 and below (Very Low). These scoring bands are based on the adult normative samples for both men and women.
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